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Hallo, This is Jack Atomy from Halloween Town! 

Listen, I need your guys' help. The Boogie Man has abducted my girlfriend in order to prepare for his crazy Halloween ritual this year. He's going to make my girlfriend his sacrifice, and I'm not going to let it happen. He has been tormenting and frightening citizens of Halloween Town for a long time, but not any more. He must be taken down, and this will only be truly successful if we all work together. I, no, you and I are going to put an end to his sick mind (and save my girlfriend, of course). 

I'm putting up a team, I have journeyed throughout the world to deliver this message. As long as you are willing to fight against evil and help the innocent, you're welcome to Halloween Town and join the gang. Together, The Boogie Man will definitely be toppled by all of us. 

So what do you say?



We will create a strong and welcoming community for everyone in this space, because we believe that a strong and cohesive community is the bedrock for all collections. That's why we will first focus on developing the ecosystem and the ideal community, before moving on to other sections. In addition to developing a strong community while also supporting one another, we want to collaborate with various brands in this chain.


The collection will be available on October 31st, just in time for Halloween. We feel that this Halloween-themed collection will offer a lot of unique and spectacular things for this year's celebration. Halloween Town has over 2,222 spooky images, tales, and monsters with one quest that is to destroy Boogie Man. So let's celebrate this Halloween with Jack Atomy. If you're one of us and own NFTs, you will have access to Jack Atomy, a game you can play and earn $HATM token.


Owning NFT is more than just the right to possess; it is also a key to our game-to-earn platform. When you play, the number of points you get in the game is exchanged into $HATM or $USDC. The more points you earn, the more $HATM you get, players can convert $HATM to $ETH if they want to. There is a 3$ETH fund given to the top 20 players daily. This fund will be divided to give these 20 players.


We will employ Blockchain technology to build a highly engaging community by combining DEFI, Social Networking, and Gaming. Everyone wants to make money in their spare time are welcome to join.






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